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SafePet LED Collar (FREE Today)

SafePet LED Collar (FREE Today)

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Step up your pet’s visibility even as the sun’s fully set using this anti-lost light-up LED dog collar!

This pet-safety glowy collar adopts a built-in powerful LED light that emits a super bright illumination even on the darkest of nights. It successfully allows your dog to be easily visible so they can be quickly located and kept eye on even when the night creeps in. Additionally, this LED dog collar can stay brilliant at a great distance to keep your pet safely noticeable even from drivers and passers-by.Preventing your precious companion from getting lost, car accidents, and other possible night-time dangers. Available in different size selections with an easy-adjustable buckle and straps to meet any dog breeds high-comfort fitting.

The anti-lost luminous collar adopts 3 light modes that can be adjusted into quick flash, slow flash, and steady flash in just a press.Providing your pet a touch of stylishness and glowy protection at night even on dim alleys, parks, non-lighted roads, blind spots, and other low light environments. It is powered by rechargeable batteries that can be fully boosted up in a breeze while providing an impressive long running time. Made with premium LED and skin-friendly fabric that promises to withstand multiple years and ensure your pet’s overall safety. Making it the best luminous collar for all your nighttime walks, play, hike, or even when your dog runs off.  

High Visibility LED Dog Collar

An innovative glow collar that works like any regular pet collar, but with built-in powerful LED lights which releases a super bright optical fiber. Providing your pooch their needed glowing protection so they can be easily located especially as the dark creeps in.This luminous collar promotes optimal visibility even on the darkest of alleys, parks, non-lighted roads, dead night, blind spots, and other low light conditions. It even provides an impressive illumination at a great distance to keep your furry friend safely noticeable even from drivers and passers-by.Making it an ideal dog accessory to keep your companion always on track and protected from getting lost, car accidents, and other night-time dangers.

Customizable Light Modes

Comes with 3 lighting modes, including quick flash, slow flash, and steady continuous flashing. It can be quickly adjusted anytime to your desired modes in just an easy push from its light button control. Moreover, all 3 lighting supports an excellent brightness that can be clearly visible during night time. It also prompts a touch of stylishness together with the layer of glowy protection. Perfect for nighttime walks, play, hike, or even when your dog accidentally got released and ran off. No worries as the LED dog collar does not overheat and pose any threat like harmful radiation, fire, and electrical hazards.

Perfectly Adjustable

Adopts a convenient, easy-adjustable buckle and straps that can accommodate a secured and comfortable fitting to your pup's neck circumference. Available in various size selections to meet your dog breed size, including small, medium, large, and XL. It also comes in different colors to choose from which includes pink, blue, green.


The USB rechargeable battery (cable included) gives 5 hours of illumination per 1 hour charge. A charge that will last multiple walks. No hassle with replacing batteries and no extra costs.
Made of high-quality, eco-friendly nylon fabric material and smart LED lighting with an excellent durability and long-lasting performance.It also boasts a remarkable waterproof effect that can withstand extreme weather conditions, including rainy days, storms, snowy seasons, and such. This glowy dog collar is totally skin-friendly to ensure that it can stay onto your pet’s neck without causing irritations, itchiness, strains, and other discomfort.
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